About Us

Taiplas Recycle Co., Ltd.


Taiplas Recycle Co., Ltd. was established around the year 2007 with the aim and policy to recycle plastic material to recycle and reuse in order to reduce industrial waste from production.
Is a company that accepts non-QC plastic auctions from autopart To sort and grind the work, separated according to the type of plastic, such as PP PE PA PC HDPE ABS etc. Sorting plastic and non-hazardous waste according to the License No. จ3-105-23/50รย which is issued by the Rayong province industry, there are 105 and 106 licenses. The crushed products are divided into 3 parts

The first part 
is sold domestically and internationally for the factories to be melted for reuse and can also be cut in the BOI issue for the client company that has this need.

The second part
is recycled, melted, pulled, cut lines, pellets sold into plastic grade B

The third part
, the company has hired to recycle plastic. That is waste from the factory instead of being sold out to recycle those wastes it helps to reduce the cost in the production process.
And our company also has a lab room for testing the plastic pellets produced to have the value of MI, DENSITY, IMPACT, and STRENGTH according to the needs of customers, along with a certificate of test. At present, the company has been operating for 12 years based on experience and Expertise in production, distribution, and relocation services expanded business the subsidiary company is Thai Plast Polymer Company Limited
Is a company that takes crushed plastic into the COMPOUND process and returns it to that company to reduce the cost of production and to recycle waste plastic to be re-used again. Taiplas Recycle Co., Ltd. is accepting tenders for purchasing plastic parts, plastic scraps, wood chips, pallets, plastic pallets, metal, steel, paper.
As well as providing transportation service for picking up various pieces of work. We have a team providing services by a professional team. Highly experienced the team has passed security training. Have a lift driver's license  .The work is standard and accepted by the automobile parts manufacturers in an industrial estate Eastern Seaboard Hemaraj for 12 years. Taiplas Recycle Co., Ltd. would like to work and service to every customer efficiently and to make a lasting impression on every customer.